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Mia is a Branding Coach.


She empowers health and wellness entrepreneurs to overcome uncertainty in their brand voice and create a thriving, heart-centered business using powerful personal branding.


Prior to a career in business, Mia was an actress and fashion model. When she graduated from university with a degree in psychology, she started a career as a Digital Project Manager in venture capital. Wearing too many hats in a firm with 8 companies in its portfolio, Mia felt her energy wearing thin when she wasn't doing what she loved: marketing. After experiencing burnout, she refined her work to have more meaning and fulfillment in branding for industries ranging from real estate, tech startups, retreat centers, and much more. She has since spoken on behalf of the UN Santa Barbara chapter, traveled on a humanitarian mission to Laos, and volunteered in harm reduction for the Zendo Project. Before COVID-19, Mia had the incredible opportunity to work at Saje Natural Wellness and from there, was inspired to focus solely on branding health and wellness businesses.


Mia is living proof that even from being a young model in the entertainment industry, anyone can, through passionate soul work, transcend to wellbeing. Her solution is a 10-Step Wholistic Wellness Branding Process for her clients. Today, she lives in Vancouver, BC avidly reading, meditating and enjoying mid-day breathwork sessions. Mia is also preparing a TEDx talk postponed for Spring 2021 on wellbeing, branding and psychedelic medicines. 

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"good is the enemy of great."

Jim Collins, bestselling author of "Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap... And Others Don't"

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