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about MIA.

Weaving in personal stories by the author, The Beauty of Grief is the 5-part story of a woman who is abandoned at age 7 by her suicidal mother, studies psychology in university, and devotes her 20s to fundraising for psychedelic research.

In her GRIEF methodology, she shares her modern-day research-backed system for moving through grief:

G for Gather: The science of human connection, attachment theory, and moving through social anxiety

R for Rage: rebranding the second stage of grief, anger management, swamping, keening, increasing somatic awareness

I for Introspection: The importance of alone time versus feeling lonely, silent retreats, and Vipassana meditation/body scanning

E for Entheogens: psychedelic research and therapy, plant medicines, prolonged grief disorder, end of life anxiety, psychospirituality/communicating with ancestors, and hospice care

F for Fearlessness: Goal-setting, exposure therapy, reclaiming life, overcoming survivors guilt, what-if reasoning, narrative therapy

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In the tapestry of Mia Cara Cosco's life, the Call to Adventure echoed with the absence of her mother at the age of seven. 


Amidst these trials, the encounter with psychedelics opened new realms of perception and she co-founded

the UBC Psychedelic Society,

fundraised for MAPS Canada,

volunteered for The Zendo Project,

and visited Johns Hopkins’ psilocybin laboratory while working in venture capital. 


After university, she started to consult with psychedelic companies and wellness companies on marketing strategy—which she still does to this day.


Over the tumultuous backdrop of the COVID era, something died within Mia – the necessity to prove herself in predefined roles.


Instead, a rebirth beckoned, and Mia embraced her true essence as an author.


In this metamorphosis, Mia is writing a book serving a profound exploration of loss, psychedelics, and the beauty woven into the fabric of grief.

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