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We are a psychedelic branding agency specializing in 3 things:

Email capture systems,

social media,

and website design.


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"Mia was able to guide me through [her] process which helped me find my path.

As a result, I am now accepting paid clients and have been offered collaboration opportunities I had previously only dreamed of!

Thank you, Mia, for helping me find my way!

It is absolutely worth your investment!

Not only is Mia knowledgeable, but she is a natural born coach with the necessary skills in place to help any business grow."

Sound Healer.

"Mia is a unique young woman who goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients feel empowered, heard and understood. 

She has an extraordinary work ethic, character and her warm, inviting personality makes for a comfortable and nurturing environment for her clients.

Though my time spent working with Mia was not particularly long, it was valuable and genuine.


I would definitely work with Mia in the future and recommend her services to others!"

Co-Founder of True You Yoga, Inc.

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Studying at Home


  • Website branding or re-branding

  • 1 Social Media Platform Management

  • Email Newsletter Management

Recommended for beginning entrepreneurs.

Zooming on Tablet


  • Website branding or re-branding

  • 1 Social Media Platform Management

  • Email Newsletter Management

  • Business Plan Optimization

  • Podcast Development

  • Product Launch Support

Recommended for experienced business owners.

Talk Show


  • Website branding or re-branding

  • 1 Social Media Platform Management

  • Email Newsletter Management

  • Business Plan Optimization

  • Podcast Development

  • Product Launch Support

  • Press Release Management

  • Speaking Campaign

  • High-Level Online Platform/In-Person Conference Placement

Recommended for industry leaders.



“Before I met Mia, I had an idea of creating some sort of platform to heal people with journey dancing and medicine work. I have been told I was a healer. In my work with Mia, I had inspiring discussions that led me to take action on these dreams: I invested in a mobile transport system to help women in their own health journey, I enrolled two partners, and Mia set up a beautiful website and brand guide. 


I am hopeful to eventually launch a brand of my own and I am grateful that I was introduced to Mia by a colleague that I respect!


I received a lot of value from my work with Mia and we continue to talk as friends today.”

Kristy King MD, Medical doctor.

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"I have more clients, raised my prices, and I'm excited about my new social media presence that will take that higher.

The non-visual foundational work in the first month was my favorite.


Identifying where my head was at, learning about who I was and how much of myself I wanted to bring to my work. How understanding fears and limiting beliefs was preventing me from getting this project off the ground.


I could have hired anyone to do a visual design package, but it wouldn't have changed my situation without the work Mia and I did in that first month.

This project has been a joy. Part therapy, part coaching, part design, part training... It's been much more powerful an experience than I thought it would be. I discovered a lot about myself that was necessary to discover for my project to take the steps forward that it needed to take. From there I can see how that is translatable into almost anything else I decide to take on in the future!"





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"Before I worked with Mia, my brand was somewhat developed, but not cohesive in the sense where I have platform that accumulated all of my work. Specifically, I was struggling with developing a website.

Now, my brand is cohesive. Organized. Aesthetically pleasing. I received an organized and polished website that is official, professional and aligned with my brand. It is one place that contains all of my work. This is immensely useful for my work.

I liked the finished product the most! I am so happy with the website and cannot wait to share it with the world!

Mia is kind, creative, insightful and patient! She has a great deal of experience in her field which makes her work knowledgeable and informed. She really listens to what you want and the visions for your brand and works to make your dream become a reality! THANK YOU!"

Music Therapist

"I was overwhelmed by social media and couldn't get a strategy in place that I felt good about.


I struggled with content planning and audience engagement.

Now, I feel good about sending people to my professional Instagram profile.

Mia is very good at what she does and it is a great investment. 

She's done an excellent job understanding and communicating my brand in a way that feels so authentic and provides value to my audience."

Conscious Relationship Coach

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Green Leaves


"Mia's sessions helped me to clarify my brand archetype, which was useful to conceptualize and create a voice for marketing and engagement.

Her support and encouragement, as well as her inspired character, are but a few elements of her heart-centered approach to the work we did together."



"Mia's strengths in both communication and aesthetic help create a warm environment while creating quality work.

Her website design not only greatly improved our look but reflected a depth of understanding our organization's purpose; her grant writing also stood out in terms of capturing the complexity of our work, while communicated in clear and accessible language and formatting."



"Working with Mia actually feels like creative play, yet with a realized outcome.

She is a deep listener, offering original options even after hearing my thoughts and plans.


Even then, when I had something entirely different come up in our next conversation, together we went that direction.


Mia is soulful, responsive, dedicated to my success and committed to results that suit my values."

Green Leaves


"Mia has a positive can-do approach and is a collaborative problem-solver. She is articulate and enthusiastic, and is a pleasure to work with."



"Mia's approach to branding and marketing is fresh, daring and conscious. She brings a lightness and positivity to the projects she manages.


Her ideas encompass clear vision, practical tools and pathways for implementation. It has been a joy to co-create with her and to be around her vibrant and playful way of being."



"I was very fortunate for her skilled assistance as she worked with me in my business coaching firm during a very critical time of transformation.

Brainstorming and planning was always fun and, for someone who has big plans and is a natural visionary, Mia will thrive in any environment where she can help you overcome a challenge in a positive and enthusiastic way!

I know that she is set up for success, and both here skills and attitude will help any company achieve their goals in an energetic spirit of cooperation."

Green Leaves


"In terms of character, Mia is abound with energy and enthusiasm. It is hard not to feel excited when working alongside her, making even the most dull work seem rewarding. As well, having been involved in a variety of work environments over the years, Mia's enthusiasm is matched only by her professionalism and maturity when maintaining relationships both in the professional sphere as well as in her personal life.

Mia is a strong example of what it means to adopt the growth mindset, as coined by Dr. Carol Dweck. Always striving to find something to learn from in every experience, Mia's curiosity and desire for improvement make her all the more equipped to take on new challenges as she moves forward in a career that promises to take her to new experiences and places that will nurture her growth even further."



"Mia demonstrated a level of professional acumen that takes some years to attain. Her organizational skills and attention to detail were impeccable. I would recommend Mia for any projects or work that need a pleasant and professional employee with epic organizational and prioritizing skills."

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"Mia is intelligent, articulate and a visionary in the health and wellness industry. She is wise beyond her years and a dynamo of positive energy.

Always a pleasure to work with Mia on different projects. Top shelf entrepreneur and person!"

Green Leaves


"She is a magician in all things marketing for health and wellness brands/business...

just sayin..."



"You've been SO helpful in helping me scale up!! I'm so grateful for meeting you, Mia. You're such a genius marketer, brand strategist, and innovator."



"Mia impressed me right from our initial consultation with her professionalism, sales skills, and ability to ask the right questions to assess my needs. Mia also understands the psychology behind building a brand that connects with your ideal audience, which is essential.


While working together, she encouraged me to do most of the talking, which helped me to uncover my own answers and bring clarity to my vision. Upon completing her assigned homework, I surprisingly discovered connections to several ideas I had and reveled in a few "Aha!" moments. 

She takes her work seriously, but ensures the process is fun. I always looked forward to our meetings, and appreciated her excitement & enthusiasm in sharing her deliverable at the end. Through her work, Mia supports you to discover your authentic voice by tapping within and reconnecting with your truth. It is all inside of you, waiting to be shared with the world!"

Green Leaves


"I was in need of a refresh visually and direction shift with the changes in 2020.

Mia is a fantastic guide in the exploration process over the course of our coaching.

My favorite part of the experience was the deliverables after each session.

Mia has a talent for taking ideas and mapping them into beautiful visual guides.

I highly recommend every female entrepreneur going through a transformation in their career to work with Mia on their personal brand."



"Mia was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many third-party consultants served by our office including authors, businesspeople, and professors. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner. Because of her effectiveness, I even gave her additional responsibilities, including creating almost all of the content for our three services and websites on the go (and editing the content she didn't create). Mia went above and beyond in that assignment, as she does in all tasks. "



"I had the pleasure of working with Mia as she helped me launch my medical psychedelic company and expand my Anti-aging clinics. She was professional, creative and easy to communicate with and helped explain marketing/social media strategies in way that made sense. She took the effort to understand my businesses in order to market them accordingly. Thank you for your help!"

Green Leaves


"Working with Mia is a pleasure because she puts passion into everything she does, but more importantly, she's just lovely to work with and be around.


Its those interpersonal skills and self development skills that can transform a working relationship!"