finding yourself is difficult.

in serving others, you find yourself.

I've been a Digital Project Manager since 2016 working with:

  • Nonprofits

  • Venture capital firms

  • Advisory coaching firms

  • International wellness companies

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Clinics

  • Charities

  • Publishing houses

  • And more...

Giving a Lecture


Mia was the Project Manager for the Percy Group in 2019, an established mid-market executive coaching company that grows businesses through leadership centered around performance, profit, and purpose.


Mia closely worked with the founder, Eamonn Percy. Eamonn knows a business and how to overcome obstacles in both business and life. He went from the stock room to the board room, from a midnight shift production supervisor to the executive with leading global companies, from sleeping in his car to C-level roles, from a C student in high school to an electrical engineering degree and MBA. Has successfully grown and lead multiple businesses, and created significant shareholder value. 

Mia worked with Eamonn to publish his hardcover debut book into an audiobook and digital e-book format, draft his second book, manage his Academy from physical courses to online workshops, and execute promotion. Mia helped manage Eamonn's clientele to reach companies making over $10 M in revenue.

Publishing House


Mia was the Project Manager for the startup, The Visioneers International Network Web of Good Work, in 2018 and 2019.


The mission is to connect Visioneers with each other, building a global network of changemakers, showcasing the good-work projects and lifetime achievements of Visioneers around the world, and providing real-world mentorship and learning opportunities for Visioneers, thereby building a Web of Good Work as a counter to the fog of negativity shrouding discourse on current global conditions and future prospects.


Mia closely worked with the founders and the worldwide teams spreading good work in areas of Education, The Arts, Activism, The Environment, and so on. Mia also worked with the organization to optimize its social media, publish the book the idea was based on for Kindle, Kobo, and Audible and managed all communications and support for the growing base of hundreds of users.

Mia spoke at The Visioneers' International Network Santa Barbara World Council of Wisdom.


Mia was the Project Manager and Innovation Specialist for Hi-Bridge Global from 2017-2018, a high-growth startup at the intersection of cutting edge technology and educators on the frontier of innovation.

Mia closely worked with the CEO and Founder, Shu Guo to collaborate with technology companies on the frontier of innovation in Vancouver, Beijing, and Shenzhen.


Mia was the Project Manager for Elevation Capital from 2016-2018, a fast-paced VC firm led by an enigmatic leader with investments in housing, food and beverage, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and transformative technology.​


Mia worked alongside the founder to recruit multiple award-winning authors, presenters, scientists, and thought leaders to Board. She also led and coordinated weekly meetings between stakeholders and Board members, developed agendas, and multiple project plans. One of Mia's landmark projects was designing a user testing document and competitive analysis for a biofeedback project introduced into the nonprofit framework. Mia also updated and redesigned websites in this role.




What is becoming increasingly important to the next generation?








We are entering the transformation economy.

Replace success with excellence

Replace pricing or cost with energy exchange

Replace force with power

Replace self-help with self-awareness

Replace up-sell with added value

Replace needs with desires

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