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branding yourself requires THIS one belief

I’m going to be addressing one mistake in branding and that is the saying: "build it and they will come."

I have been telling clients recently this a lot who come to me and they say, "Mia, I’ve been in the industry for 10 years. I’ve been working on myself, I’ve been doing everything online to put myself out there, but no sales or very few sales have occurred and it’s weird because I’m so established!" Their margins obviously aren't cutting it and they’re wondering if they need to target better for Millennials or something like that. I usually ask a series of questions.

I ask them: "OK, how are you putting yourself out there?"

They say: "What do you mean?"

I say: "Well, do you have an offer that you're putting out there?"

They say: "Well, it’s on my website."

I say: "OK, do people know about this offer on your social media? Do they know about these offers in your email list?"

Typically, people will say: "well, I mean, I’ll tell people if they direct message me about it."

I’ll say: "no. You've got to be proactive."

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean people will come and just because you build it and you ask your people to come, doesn’t mean they will. You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Marketing is only handy in a business for the purposes of: does it actually enrol people?

The problem with building things and expecting people to come is that you’re not taking proactive measures.

There are three things that you can do to be a lot more proactive in your branding and marketing to essentially achieve sales.

The number one problem with not putting your signature offer out there is that people may not even know that you have anything to sell. People may just literally think that this is a fun side hobby for you to showcase content and they may not know that you have a business. My guess is that they’re probably going to places like yoga studios that are advertising their prices and putting up class schedules.

If you’re not putting up class schedules, if you’re not putting up rates, if you’re not specific, people may just not get a clue.

You can’t expect people to know that you’re running a business, so that’s the number one thing that’s important to know.

One way you can actually be proactive about your marketing is you definitely want to be using social media to make actual static posts about your offers, so if you have your offers, are your prices listed? Do you have your services listed on your website? Put it out there. Put it out there because you don’t want to have to be on 10 calls with people and as soon as they figure out your prices, they’re like "yeah, I’m leaving." If you want to actually be getting feedback from people, I would make static Instagram posts or Facebook posts if I were you, basically letting people know: "hey, this is my offer. This is the price or rate, this is the level of commitment and what’s included in the benefits."

If you are expecting that if you build it and people will come, you want to think again because, for example, I see people put the link to their service in their bio on Instagram or on a Facebook page or maybe a YouTube menu bar. For example, if you put the link to where people can sign up for your online course or your online group coaching program or your one on one services to fill out an application, what I always say to people is: just because you put the link in your bio doesn’t mean people always notice it or see it. You want to actually be guiding people to the link in your bio.

Video is the richest form of content. Ideally, a live video on your social media directing people to any links that you share. Say you go on your Instagram and you put in a link to your online course or your online e-book that you finally released and you’re ready to sell. You’re ready to make some money. OK, so what do you want to do as soon as you record that video or you've pre-recorded it (whatever you’re comfortable with)?

Ideally, you want to present your offer in the introduction of a video or whatever you’re saying and in the conclusion/very tail end of your video.

So, yes, it might sound redundant, but you want to be presenting your offer as though you're presenting it to someone whose using Instagram for the first time in their lives. We have to think in terms of understanding where the spectrum of people may be online. It’s important to be compassionate and to be empathic to those who are different. They’re there to help you and to receive your gift.

The second way I would say how you want to be putting yourself out there is saying: here is more about it and here’s why it will benefit your life and the type of person that would really benefit from it.

Now, the third thing that I would love to see more people doing to be more proactive in their marketing as opposed to just expecting people will buy from them or inquire from them is posting live events! Live videos of yourself is a great way of putting out a call to action so if you have a video where you’re dropping some serious knowledge about how to write a book or how to get a book published for example, I believe the beginning and ideally at the end where you share: "if you want more information about this or you want to see how I do this for my process, head to the link in my bio or I’ll drop the link in the comment section here and you can check it out there."

For example, in your Instagram bio, I see so many people do this and it drives me wild as a marketer because I’m thinking: they’re wasting valuable real estate in their bio.

In your bio, you have the option to put in a link right in the text section of your bio, but if you’re not actually pointing a down arrow or directing people to click on the link in your actual bio text, you’re missing some important opportunities here, so you could say in your bio text:

Click the link if you want more info:


Sign up for free at:


Learn more below (limited spots available):

Feel free to drum up some urgency so you want to be taking advantage of that valuable real estate in your Instagram bio to actually direct people to the link in your bio, because if you just expect that you put it up and people will click it, you’re totally wrong.

People may not even see it unless you tell them to look at it and why they should read it. Think of it as you’re just giving more of your gift in the world. You just want to make more impact in the world you know that you have a talent.

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