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a great company culture starts with this one hot tip

I'm excited to be writing to you today because I am talking specifically about what great, well-known and world-renowned companies do to boost their corporate culture.

This is something I learned when I worked at one of the most well-known international wellness companies that I’ve ever worked for in their head office in Vancouver (where I live). I am adapting a process that I learned from them so I’m excited to share more about that process with you. This is so that you can think about it for your next client call or your team meeting that you work with, so without further ado, I want to get into the meat of this blog.

So, what am I referring to when I’m talking about what a great well-known successful company team does?

When I worked at Saje Natural Wellness, we used the check in process every morning or every time we came in. We would check in with everybody and it was the healthiest work environment I've ever worked in.

It went something like this:

When you’re hopping on a call with a client or you’re starting a team meeting, I highly recommend checking in first. We check in as the first thing to do to build a wellness working environment.

We start with a number and the number is how you feel or what your mood is like today from 1 to 10.

1 being terrible, absolutely horrible and 10 being ecstatic, joyful, over the moon, and elated so wherever you sit out on that scale of 1 to 10 (maybe today, you’re feeling at seven, maybe today you’re feeling at a 2 or a 10...).

The reason why you want to check-in before you start a conversation is: you want to check in with someone's emotional baseline before you start a conversation with them. If someone’s entering a conversation with you and they’re upset and they haven't aired that with you beforehand, you might be receiving a lot of unnecessary passive aggressive (or straight up aggressive) energy from them. This might have nothing to do with you and you take out the personal identification with it. You can just communicate clearly about what’s going on.

Now, whether or not your number is high or low on the spectrum, time to list your celebration (e.g. "I’m a seven because I just got a promotion and I’m super stoked about that") and then you want to describe where there might be a struggle (e.g. "but what I’m struggling with or what I’m stuck on is I forgot my dad‘s birthday the other day").

If you're feeling so low and there’s nothing you’re celebrating, OK, but I recommend that you dig for something. I guarantee you'll find something to celebrate. Being alive, taking a breath today are just some examples. Conversely, if you're feeling amazing, there’s always something that we might feel like we’re struggling with a little bit. Even if you just got married or you just gave birth and it's the happiest day of your life, there's always something to balance it out with.

What I would highly recommend next is a request.

It’s always good to make a request based on what you shared (e.g. "I’m a seven today and I’m celebrating the fact that I got a promotion, but I forgot my dad‘s birthday and that’s what I’m really struggling with... I would really like to ask for your help to just kind of be patient with me today and understand that I might not be as present as I usually am. I’m trying my best and I want to be here") so even if your request is not outright "hey, can you help me with X or Y," you can request something like "hey, it would really help me a lot if I could I can bring my dog to work next Tuesday" or something, so this is a great time to make any requests.

The workplace is where you are showing up as a whole human being. It would be a mistake to think that no one can see what’s really going on for you because you would be shocked to know how people can see right through you. I’ve been at restaurants and had arguments and I may think that the waitress thinks that my date and I are totally OK when we’re upset when she can completely tell if we’re vibrating at a lower energy. Same as when we’re happy and vibing high. It’s important to bring your whole human self. It’s always good to complete things, to get things off your chest, and air things out at the get-go to show up with more vulnerability and communicate on a much more emotionally intelligent level than most workplaces allow for.

I hope with this tip, you enjoy your work with clients more, especially if you’re a healer or you do run your own wellness business. I highly, highly recommend this process it is and if you enjoy this, please tell me in the comments!

If you are a healer or a wellness business owner and you really want to make sure your online presence, this guide will set you off to a great start, so make sure I had to grab your free guide. Snag it, read it and let me know what you think.

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