With experience building the digital presence of a dozen companies ranging from real estate to technology to wellness brands, I respond to the call of duty to breathe new life for mid-size companies and passionate individuals. Whether you're thriving and want to increase your online following, launch an online course and understand the value of what social media can bring, I can show you what is missing and work with you together to fulfill it.





people are on social media.

was spent on social media advertising and marketing by marketers in 2019 alone.

of social media users have said that if you, as a company, is responsive with them, they feel more encouraged to buy.

of social media users believe that a brand is more honest if they have a strong social media presence.


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1. Website

Build, design, and/or update a website or landing page for your business and brand.

Experience with:




2. Email

Build a dedicated email list, launch a compelling newsletter, and/or easily sell products and services.

Experience with:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Analytics Academy certified

3. Social media

Take the Big 4 to the next level for your company: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Experience with:

Increasing online following

Scaling up metrics e.g. likes

Honing in on value

Community engagement

The Wholistic Wellness Process







First Tier

Brand Coaching

1 call per week for 1 hour.


1. Content

2. Media

3. Messaging

Ideal for:

Early-stage beginners looking for mentorship in their first company/brand.



Second Tier

Next-Level Brand Coaching

1 call per week for 1 hour.

PLUS 1 monthly in-person meeting for 1 hour

PLUS Access to: 🔓 My personal templates I use to grow my brand 🔓

What I do:

1. Website design

2. Brand strategy

3. Custom branding exercises tailored towards YOU on your narrative + story

Ideal for:

Experienced 'intrapreneurs' who are looking to finally be their OWN boss and require a thinking partner.


Third Tier

⭐️ Wholistic Wellness Brand Coaching ⭐️

1 call per week for 1 hour.

PLUS 1 monthly in-person meeting for 1 hour

PLUS all automation tools/software.

Who I am in service to YOU:

1. A scalability guide to grow to 6, 7 figures

2. The blueprint provider on a money tree

3. An accountability partner in wellness

Ideal for:

Established, VIP companies and brands completely rebranding or upgrading.


View a sample of my work here.

Keyboard and Mouse

everything i do makes sense when i connect to my 'why.'

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"Not long ago, after recovering from some very challenging physical and emotional trauma I would attend healthtech and wellness events in the hopes of connecting with my new tribe and peer group that I could identify with - one that resonated with my natural and spiritual directions.


I immediately recognized the energy and truism that she held in a room and I wanted to steer my life towards this channel that I did not yet have a name or label for.


I knew that this direction was more authentic, emotionally connected and helped me to be more brave, to let go of conventions, constraints and idioms set from the modern world. To be whole human. Consciousness Hacking Vancouver was a key step in my journey, having had participated in every event hosted by Mia and the guidance that she was able to share with me. Thank you Mia for generating such positive energy and thoughtfulness in helping steer us towards new modalities in our lives!"

—  James Suk, The LFG Group

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