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people are on social media.

was spent on social media advertising and marketing by marketers in 2019 alone.

of social media users have said that if you, as a company, is responsive with them, they feel more encouraged to buy.

of social media users believe that a brand is more honest if they have a strong social media presence.

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A Hero's Journey.

Mia was called to branding health and wellness brands after a transformative trip to Laos. Five years of marketing for venture capital firms, restaurants, biotech startups and much more led Mia to burnout where she experienced a lack of purpose and passion. Fulfilling a lifelong dream to Luang Prabang, Mia meditated and came to the conclusion: she only wanted to brand healers.


Her heart-centered approach to marketing has been informed by her early modelling career, community leadership in psychedelics and a personal philosophy to heal.


She has since spoken on behalf of the UN Santa Barbara chapter, spoken at intl. psychedelic conferences, and volunteered in harm reduction for the Zendo Project at Burning Man (2019).

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Mia was able to guide me through [her] process which helped me find my path.

As a result, I am now accepting paid clients and have been offered collaboration opportunities I had previously only dreamed of!

Thank you, Mia, for helping me find my way!

It is absolutely worth your investment!

Not only is Mia knowledgeable, but she is a natural born coach with the necessary skills in place to help any business grow."


Sound Healer

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(limiting beliefs in brand / business)


hero's journey

(inspired by joseph campbell, create your own bio with a perspective shift in being the hero of your own story)


niche statement prototyping

(discover a working niche statement off the bat)


inspirator research

(because we don't believe in competitors, we do research on your leading inspirations / inspirational figures)

Shadow on Concrete Wall



market research

(time to sample your soulmate clients / customers and gain important info for your brand development)


soulmate client / customer profile

(let's map it out: the desires, pain points, and perfect vision of that person you're marketing for)


brand archetyping

(reviewing jungian archetypes that every iconic brand emulates, we have you set up with a winning primary and secondary brand archetype)


brand guide development

(we finally bring it all together: your typography, color palette, vision, and voice to set you up with a blueprint for any brand asset)

Wooden Surface



content development

(using your brand guide as a map, we finally develop brand assets for your social media channels and online business platforms)


content automation

(you get the resources, the winning batching formula for content, and we also schedule your first content so you can see results from strategic, agency-level branding)


signature system mapping

(we create your signature system using a kinesthetic, fully embodied process of mine)


launch lift-off

(we co-create a successful launch, whether it's an online course, a book, a physical product, or even an event)


I was overwhelmed by social media and couldn't get a strategy in place that I felt good about.


I struggled with content planning and audience engagement.

Now, I feel good about sending people to my professional Instagram profile.

Mia is very good at what she does and it is a great investment. 

She's done an excellent job understanding and communicating my brand in a way that feels so authentic and provides value to my audience."


Conscious Relationship Coach

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1. Website

We build, design, and/or update a website or landing page for your business and brand.

Experience with:

Squarespace, Wordpress, and Wix

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Analytics Academy certified

2. Email Capture

We co-create a dedicated email list, launch a compelling newsletter, and/or easily sell products and services.

Experience with:


Canva, Adobe, Photoshop


3. Social media

Take the Big 4 to the next level for your company: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Experience with:

Increasing online following to 10K followers and beyond

Algorithm optimization using hashtags

Shareable content

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I was in need of a refresh visually and direction shift with the changes in 2020.

Mia is a fantastic guide in the exploration process over the course of our coaching.

My favorite part of the experience was the deliverables after each session.

Mia has a talent for taking ideas and mapping them into beautiful visual guides.

I highly recommend every female entrepreneur going through a transformation in their career to work with Mia on their personal brand."

Business Consultant

Everything I Do Makes Sense When I Connect To My 'Why.'